The Sun features my Blog

I never expected my breasts to ever feature in the Sun – in fact it took the loss of one to make it!

It begins:

‘I fear men will recoil in horror at my body’: Cancer survivor lifts the lid on what it’s like to date after a mastectomy

A WOMAN who battled breast cancer has opened up about the reality of dating post treatment, admitting she fears men will be horrified by her body.

Penny Rutterford, 53, has detailed the way her cancer has impacted her life on a blog.

She split from her husband shortly before she was diagnosed in 2014 and having been through treatment she is now dipping her toe into the dating pool again.

However, Penny – who is yet to receive the all clear – is worried about what men will think when they realise she only has one breast.  See the full article (1)



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