Articles and Cuttings

Here are a few of my recent article cuttings.

WF Echo

BEAST magazine

Feature article on Gigi’s Dressing Room

GOLDIE magazine

GOLDIE  magazine Ways to Go – funerals April 19

GOLDIE magazine Unreconstructed Women Jan 1

QVC Stories

The E-List

E-List July Wainwright Bookbinding
E-List May 19 Local Heroes E17 Art Trail
E-List May Art of Capoeira Jason Hawkridge
E-List May Highams Park Art Trail
E-List May 19 Editorial
London Borough of Culture Sam Hunt interview E-List 0119
E-List March 19 Alison Manning interview
Libby Liburd interview – Fighter E-List 0319
Elise Yarde Local Hero interview E-List 0319
E-List Jan 19 Editorial column
E-List March 19 editorial column Women’s issue
Pause Yoga studio advertorial E-List 0119

Huffington Post

In Therapy – The Emotional Legacy of Cancer
Celebrity Cleavages, Strictly Come Dancing And Pinktober – The Perfect Storm: To Reconstruct Or Not To Reconstruct After Breast Cancer?
What Lies Beneath – Body Confidence After Breast Cancer
Keeping it Casual – Dating After Breast Cancer
Dropping a C-Bomb on the First Date – Dating After Breast Cancer
I’m So Vain – Body Image After Breast Cancer
The Trials of the Lingerie Aisles – Buying Bras after Breast Cancer