Great Things About Cancer

gojy109There is nothing good about cancer. It’s cruel and it kills people. 2014 was a little bit shit. I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. But I’m still here, and for the most part still smiling. Along the way (it wasn’t “a journey” because I barely went anywhere and nobody sold me a ticket) I realised that amongst all the horrible things that were thrown at me – some rather special things happened. So I started to make a list. I suspect that with time I could come up with 99 great things about cancer..okay I’ve written down about 30 but that’s not bad going. As I wrote my diary entries last year I wasn’t sure I would want to share them…so I have posted these after the fact. It’s easier to laugh knowing I’ve survived. I realise that I’ve been lucky, some of the people I’ve met along the way haven’t. This blog is also intended to be a celebration of some of the things those people taught me. Don’t look if you are easily offended – in recording my thoughts it has never been my intention to upset or offend. Visit:Great Things About Cancer.

To find out more about Inflammatory Breast Cancer and its symptoms Click Here


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