A Slog along Slapton Ley

I’m just back from a brief sojourn in South Devon. Didn’t do much running. Mostly slobbed out on the window seat of our cottage in Torcross looking out towards the sea and Slapton Ley. Managed just one run along the ley. Thought it would be perfect. A different view, inspiring country vistas along the freshwater lake with a return along the seafront. But no. Striding through the early morning lakeside mists I encountered swarms of mosquitos. To add to my woes, the lakeside path was stony, uneven and narrow. Maybe the path back along the seashore would be an improvement, but I was facing the wind which snatched my breath away while the shingle sapped my energy and tore at my calves. I forced my way home at a steady jog, on every run I challenge myself never to resort to walking, but resolved not to try the route again. Unfortunately that meant I consigned my trainers to my suitcase and confined my holiday exercises to hikes. Now I’m back home in Walthamstow and back to work. Looking forward to my usual village and canalside runs later in the week.


2 thoughts on “A Slog along Slapton Ley

    • Thanks – yes mostly I find writing relaxing although at times finding the right words can be a bit frustrating. I’ll take a read of your story

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