5.5 miles – Walthamstow Marshes

Arrived home from today’s run feeling a little wet and chilled. I like to run in the rain. It feels more like a physical challenge, a battle I have won. But today I struggled with a sore toe and a strained hip, leaping puddles was difficult. More regularly this circuit brings me into contact with men and their mean looking dogs. The dogs make me nervous, they are poorly supervised and surly looking. Waddling barrels of aggression – as I pass I fear they may bite or pursue me. Running along Forest Road I reflected on the floral tribute left to mark where a young lad was killed by a bus as he was pursued into its path by a gang. The flowers are many, dead and rotten. Some are still secured to a lamppost, others have wilted and fallen onto the path. How difficult to judge when such a tribute can be removed without causing offence.

This was my third run this week and I realise I need to add a longer route to my weekly routine if I am going to push myself harder and further…next week perhaps.


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